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From Staff Reports, Las Cruces Sun-News January 9, 2021
“According to data collected by NMSU’s Center for Community Analysis, 41 percent of households earning less than $20,000 a year are without internet access in the Las Cruces Public School District. That number only increases when looking at Doña Ana’s surrounding more rural districts, according to a news release from the SUCCESS Partnership. In the Gadsden Independent School District, 58% of households in that income bracket lack broadband connectivity; in Hatch Valley Public Schools, it’s 70%
Tracey Bryan, The Las Cruces Bulletin August 27, 2020
“COVID-19 has driven change in connectivity and community in the strangest ways. Grocery shopping and eating out has become less mobile physically while being more technologically mobile through apps and online ordering. For many, Facebook is now the place we go to church or learn the latest updates on our state’s response to COVID-19. Our public governmental meetings now bring elected officials together to deliberate public policy decisions via Zoom
Syvlia Ulloa, New Mexico In Depth March 4, 2020
“It’s been five years since the Success Partnership convened its first summit to create goals for ‘cradle to career’ education in Doña Ana County. A lot has changed since then. Ngage New Mexico, an education-focused community organization that created the Success Partnership and organized a follow up summit Monday at New Mexico State University, wanted to put the changes in perspective with a comprehensive look at education data over that period from home visiting and preK to college and workforce training
Syvlia Ulloa, New Mexico In Depth January 13, 2020
“Things are looking better for students with disabilities at Las Cruces’ Mayfield High School. Since 2012, graduation rates for those students have risen from 59% to 81%. That compares to an increase for all Mayfield students from 76% to 89% over the same period, and 70% to 75% for all students statewide. Parents in Doña Ana County can explore those numbers and more on a dashboard created by the Center for Community Analysis
Doña Ana County September 4, 2019
“Together with community partners and the City of Las Cruces, Doña Ana County has launched an online survey designed to gauge residents’ perceptions of local quality of life services. The survey is being conducted through researchers at the Center for Community Analysis at New Mexico State University in collaboration with Resilience Leaders of Doña Ana County
Mallory Falk, KRWG August 27, 2018
“Las Cruces schools are back in session. And for the first time, some classrooms are filled with the tiniest learners: pre-kindergarteners. Las Cruces Public Schools is one of 11 districts across the state that just launched New Mexico PreK, a state-funded program for four-year-olds. Other districts expanded the program. The new seats help fill a gap in early childhood education
“The Center for Community Analysis at New Mexico State University was established in 2016 through a grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, and is housed in the Office of Institutional Analysis on the NMSU campus. The CCA is charged with providing research and analysis for evidence-based decision making in Doña Ana County
Erica Surova, Las Cruces Sun-News Published February 24, 2018
“LAS CRUCES – The recent death of a proposal in the New Mexico Legislature to expand early childhood education left many education advocates across the state crestfallen. After all, we have heard the statistics about New Mexico before; second in child poverty, second for violent crime, dead last in public education, and a 39.8 percent increase in child abuse victims between 2010 and 2014. However, there are lesser known statistics that we should be educating ourselves and others about
Diana Alba Soular, Las Cruces Sun-News Published November 9, 2017
“LAS CRUCES – The nonprofit New Mexico Voices for Children is probably best known for the annual reports showing that the well-being of the state’s children is near-last in the United States. But the Albuquerque-based group is also looking for possible solutions to the problems — the focus of an inaugural conference it hosted along with another nonprofit Thursday in Las Cruces. About 100 people attended the event, called the Southern New Mexico Kids Count Conference, as part of a burgeoning effort to improve the lives of children in the high-poverty county
Lori Martinez and Lydia Garcia, Las Cruces Sun-News Published October 28, 2017
“LAS CRUCES – We constantly hear about the dismal childhood outcomes in our state and our region. As a community, we’ve grown accustomed to hearing about how our children are not thriving, that change is hard, and that New Mexico remains on the bottom of too many bad lists. Hope can feel hard to come by. However, in Dona Ana County (DAC), we have the SUCCESS Partnership, an education initiative that is a key strategy to doing education differently
Sylvia Ulloa, New Mexico In Depth Published October 17, 2017
“Charlie Garcia is a bubbly 4-year-old with soft brown curls. Sitting down for a small group activity on a late-August afternoon at Alpha School in Las Cruces, she chatters with her teachers and friends. Sitting quietly nearby is Evelynn Aguirre McClure. Assistant teacher Brittany Polanco encourages the two girls and their classmate to build a house and fill it with drawings of their families. Using popsicle sticks, Polanco shows them how to make the outlines, flip the sticks over, glue them and then flip them back over so they stick to the paper